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Hello From Our Founder
Attorney Gerald Bruckner

Hello From Our Founder
Attorney Gerald (Jerry) Bruckner

Hi, I have been admitted to the New York Bar for 20 years.
Contemplating divorce is a challenging time. I wish you and your spouse peace and happiness as you move forward with your lives.
I founded LetsGetDivorced.com to provide a very affordable, and easy to use, online do-it-yourself uncontested no-fault divorce forms preparation service, for married couples with or without minor children, who want to file a fast no-fault uncontested divorce by themselves, and save the cost of hiring an Attorney.
My philosophy about divorce
1. Always believe you are a good person and deserve to live a happy life.
2. Do not fight with your spouse. Try to remain friends, or at least, not enemies.
3. Move forward with your life knowing that you can create a happy life for yourself.
I am a strong believer in the benefits of being in a healthy and loving marriage. However, the same way we may not love our favorite foods forever, we may find that we have grown irreparably apart from our spouse.

If you and your spouse have grown irreparably apart and are not meant to remain married, and have tried everything to resolve your differences, and you have both come to the conclusion that your marriage should be ended, I strongly believe, that it makes sense for both spouses to agree to file for an uncontested divorce.

By agreeing to file an uncontested divorce, you and your spouse can avoid litigating a lengthy, emotionally charged and expensive contested divorce in court.

I think that married couples considering divorce, should, if possible and safe to do, try to reach agreement with their spouse on all divorce issues, so they can take the low-stress, affordable approach to divorce, and qualify to file an uncontested no-fault divorce.

By agreeing to have an uncontested divorce, both spouses cooperate to avoid the horrible emotional stress, very expensive financial cost, uncertainty, and large demands on their time, which would occur if they have an adversarial contested divorce litigated in court.

In addition, if a married couple has minor children, there is an even greater necessity to try to avoid litigating a full blown adversarial contested divorce in court.

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